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Anova Services

Comprehensive Autism Education and Services

  • We provide each child the support to achieve his or her potential while receiving an incomparable education. If you are in need of assistance with your child or family member with a disability, then you have come to the right place.
  • Family-oriented with a keen perspective on learning and behavior change, Anova is recognized as a leader in the field, offering unrivaled, cutting-edge therapy and educational services. We employ talented professionals from special education, psychology, applied behavior analysis, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and the business world. This diverse group of “best in class” employees collaborate in the seamless development and implementation of individualized academic, social, and communication-based programs that transform lives.
  • At Anova, we demonstrate the caring and compassion that can only come from understanding the journey of a special needs child. We bring about lasting and meaningful change - change positively impacting the child, the entire family, and expanding into the community.

Anova Center for Education
Responding to urgent community need, we developed the Anova Center for Education, or ACE School, a one-of-a-kind educational and treatment model serving students with autism, and other neurodevelopmental impairments. With our low student-to-teacher ratios, highly skilled faculty, and specially designed curriculum, we offer this once overlooked population an unparalleled education enabling expansive learning and growth.

Behavior Analysis Services
If students are to be successfully included in school settings, skillful collaboration is essential. With its array of behavioral consultation, staff training, and paraprofessional support services, Anova is a powerful resource. Anova's service model is dedicated to providing practical solutions that help individuals, their families, and professionals create lasting and meaningful behavior change. Anova increases the individual's ability to function independently, engage in meaningful relationships with others, and lead an improved quality of life.

Diagnostic & Therapy Services
Anova's Diagnostic & Therapy Center is a comprehensive community resource where specialists handle a variety of tasks including assessments, individual and group therapy, attendance at IEP meetings, and consultation with parents and school staff to ensure students are fully supported and progressing. Our therapists work together and challenge one another to help students achieve their full potential by removing barriers to success.

Occupational Therapy
Our Occupational Therapy Services include complete assessments and follow-up intervention services to assist students with a variety of gross/fine motor and sensory integration difficulties. Anova’s Occupational Therapists work to normalize students’ reactions to normal sensory input, help them become better aware of their bodies in space and how to manage them appropriately. Handwriting problems and other fine motor skill deficits are also a major emphasis of treatment.

Speech and Language Services
Anova Speech and Language Services include thorough assessments measuring baseline language abilities, the design of highly individualized treatment programs, skillful and effective treatment, and stringent follow-up to effectively gauge progress. In addition to the provision of traditional Speech and Language Therapy Services, Anova is a pioneer in the development of Social Cognition Therapy, which is designed to teach Theory of Mind concepts to individuals with perspective-taking deficits.

Social Cognition Therapy
Witnessing a void within the community, Anova expanded services to provide a number of social cognition classes for children and teens on the autism spectrum. The ACE School utilizes "Social Cognition Therapy" in assisting students to understand the internal world of others. Complex and nuanced social issues are broken down and made more concrete to increase student comprehension for use in their daily lives. A specific vocabulary is used throughout the day to reinforce or correct various social behaviors. Real-time interventions are used to allow students to see immediate effects of their social behaviors on others. Individual and group treatment is delivered in the classroom, clinic, and across the school milieu to promote positive skill retention and generalization.  

Early Intervention Services
Anova is committed to optimal effectiveness in its early intervention services by providing the level of support necessary to assure success for both child and family.

Services to Public Schools
If students are to be successfully included in school settings, skillful collaboration is essential, and with its array of behavioral consultation, staff training, and paraprofessional support services, Anova provides a powerful resource.

Paraprofessional Aides
A growing number of paraprofessionals now deliver direct instruction and other direct services on public school campuses for students with special education needs.  

Help at Home
Individuals and families receiving our home-based behavior consultation services include those with conditions such as mental challenges, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, and autism.

Training and Presentations
Our presentations provide staff with the skills and motivation necessary to meet the unique needs of the student population. 

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