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Anova students


When a student receives services from Anova, they are certain to show improvement in their academic work, acquire social and communication skills previously undeveloped, enhance their self-esteem, and become better prepared for post-school experiences.

Anova testimonials

Although our methods have measurable and observable goals, the best measurable outcomes are expressed by testimonials from our parents:


"It's wonderful to see all the parents being able to enjoy a home where their children thrive. I do believe your work is truly sacred work. Every time I walk into the front doors at Anova, I will remember Andrew saying, "Sam will be a perfect fit here at Anova". First, I could not see how. Yet, many years later, Anova is one of the very few places on the planet where Sam is genuinely comfortable. It's his safe zone. There's nowhere else where Sam transforms as completely as he does when he walks into Anova. His anxiety level drops, he finds his comfort zone, and is truly happy. We will be forever grateful." - Past Anova parent

"My Grandson attended Anova in Santa Rosa five years. Every one of those years were wonderful. A most caring, loving, understanding staff and parents who all had the same goals in mind. My Grandson still goes for visits and attends their Summer program. I could never say enough good about them. There is a special smile he has when he returns to them for visits."  Cheryl, Grandparent of Anova student 

"My son attends this school. He was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum when he was 3 yrs old. With some work we were able to get the public school system to allow him to attend this school starting with kindergarten and he has been there since. No school caters to the specific needs and educational requirements of the Autistic community better than Anova. If your child is in the county (Or Marin or east bay...campuses are located there as well) you should do all you can to have your child attend this school. My son's and our families experience with this school cannot be summed up in words but nothing short of fantastic and irreplaceable does a good start."  Brian, ACE Sonoma parent 

"What you all did for our family over the past 6 years won't soon be forgotten. You gave our daughter a chance to have a happy life.  Thank you all so much."  Parent of 2014 ACE Graduate   

"My son was struggling trying to learn the way teachers are teaching.  At Anova, they are trying to teach the way the child learns."  - Karen, Anova parent

“Anova has changed our world. The opportunities that my son has at this school are so many. I have watched him gain confidence, make friends and keep them, and have a staff that creates an education plan meeting and fulfilling his needs. I really can’t say enough about this school that is more than a school.”  -  Anova Parent

“Anova expects bumps in the road and finds out what makes these kids tick, what engages them, and what their strengths are. They focus on the positive attributes of each child, and by doing so undesirable traits fade away. Whereas others saw nothing but challenging behaviors, Anova sees an academically gifted, polite and sociable young person with great potential for success.”  - Pam, parent – 1st grader  

“At Anova, my son is taught by people who understand his needs, and respect and care about him. He is now a totally different child; he’s a confident, happy, and funny boy with friends, good grades, and in an environment allowing him to reach his full potential...and he achieved it all because of Anova.”   
- Amy, parent – 6th grader

“Before Anova our family seemed caught in a web of confusion, of unanswered questions, of unsolved dilemmas, of anger and fear. At Anova we’ve been met with caring , compassion, competence, and most importantly, with people who truly have their hearts into helping these kids. I can’t say enough about the integrity and mission of Anova, and for the quality and professionalism of the administrative as well as the teaching staff. For the first time I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my son is being taught to live in the world and to grow to the best of his ability by loving, professional people I trust and have faith in.”   - Jami, parent – 7th grader

“Anova saved my son from being institutionalized. Prior to Anova, he was failing miserably and we were losing control of him…In all my years as a public school teacher and parent, I have never seen a more dedicated staff. They are working as hard as I am to make sure my child succeeds. Anova has not only given my son an opportunity at a rich and fulfilling life, they have given me my life back as well.”  
- Janice, parent – 4th grader

“Prior to Anova, our daughter's teachers didn't understand her perspective or needs. As parents, we didn’t fully understand her either. Anova faculty and staff value how she experiences the world and have a plan to meet her needs. Before attending Anova, never did Rosie get up willingly to go to school. Today, she is eager and independent, looking forward to the arrival of the bus each morning. What has Anova done for us? ...transformed our family life.”  -  Mary Jeanne, parent – 11th grader

"Our son has ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome.  Changes in school environments had been very painful and affected his self-esteem.  Within 8 weeks after starting at Anova, he told me on the car trip to school that he really loved going to Anova.  I replied, "that's great!  Why do you like Anova so much?"  His response was telling:  "because they get me and I feel like I'm somewhere I can finally grow."  
- Allison, parent of an ACE Elementary student

 "Anova Education listens. They listen to students. They listen to parents. They listen to our community. So many of us in the autism community feel that no one listens; that no one cares. I know I felt that way. I know my son felt that way. We don't feel that way any longer...thanks to Anova."  
- Laura, parent of an ACE Elementary student

 "Finding and nurturing students' strengths is what ACE is all about. All the teachers at ACE have made Nate a happier person, our lives richer and more peaceful, and the future so much brighter than we ever could have imagined."  - Pam, parent of a 1st grader

 "There are no words that could express how much we love our ACE teachers and staff. They took a boy that was damaged and molded him into a confident young man. They also took me, a cynical and distrustful parent, and showed me that there really are people that care. They are remembered in our prayers every day. We love you."   - Julie, ACE Parent

"Since starting my child at the ACE School, I have had the delight of watching my son blossom both behaviorally and academically. What's more, his teacher has helped me with a system that applies the social skills he is learning at school to our home environment. I am amazed at the changes I have seen."  - Mary, parent of a 2nd grader

"My son has been at Anova for over four years now and I can't believe he is the same child or young man. He is happy...happy with who he is...and he has friends! He has come so far. I will never be able to thank Anova enough for helping him find happiness again. My son will become an Eagle Scout this year. I never thought that would happen. The staff at ACE is so outstanding; words just don't say enough. They realize each and every child has different needs and try to meet them one way or another. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"  - Mary, parent of a 10th grader

“When you are the parent of a child with special needs, there is no mountain you will not try to move. When our son was overwhelmed and frustrated by high school we sought help through Anova.  Anova found the perfect behavioral aide to stand shoulder to shoulder with our son, someone with strength and character who spoke to our son the way we wish every teacher could.  Anova has this family’s gratitude”  - Tom and Jan, Parents

“We experienced an immediate, dramatic, and lasting improvement in our daughter’s (and her family’s) situation upon transferring her from her public school to ACE. Other families at the school report similar experiences."  -  Tim, Anova parent

"The four months since our daughter began attending ACE have been the calmest in our family’s life for the past 16 years. Rosie is happy and safe at ACE and, not incidentally, she is easier to live with.  Prior to Anova, our daughter's teachers didn't understand her perspective or needs. As parents, we didn’t fully understand her either. Anova faculty and staff value how she experiences the world and have a plan to meet her needs. Before attending Anova, never did Rosie get up willingly to go to school. Today, she is eager and independent, looking forward to the arrival of the bus each morning. What has Anova done for us? ...transformed our family life.”  - Mary Jeanne, parent – 11th grader

“I had a district representative tell me recently that in her 27 years of education, she thinks we are by far one of the most exceptional programs she has ever seen. She is new to the area and had never been to ACE. Heidi said, “After tours and IEP meetings, people are always telling me what a talented staff we have and it is so very true. I am grateful every day to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of them! They never cease to amaze me with their talent, dedication and passion for what they do. They change lives every day."  - ACE Sonoma School Director, Heidi Adler

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